The simplicity of our menu allows us the flexibility to meet consumer demands.

Our range of pasties extends to some 16 plus different fillings. From traditional steak to the flamboyant balti.

Each pasty is made to the high standards we set from our suppliers.

The firm favourites of our consumers are of course the steak pasty; followed by our cheese & onion.

Each of our units will carry a minimum of 4 different fillings and this can be changed to meet regional demands.To add to our extensive selection we also have our seasonal range of pasties.

Premium Fillings
Traditional Steak
Traditional Mixed Steak

Cheese & Onion (V)
Vegetable (V)

Steak & Stilton
Beef & Stout
Corned Beef
Pork & Apple
Lamb & Mint
Chicken & Vegetable
Chicken Balti
Turkey & Stuffing (Seasonal)
Cheese & Bacon
All Day Breakfast

Peach, Strawberry & Custard
Apple & Raspberry

Premium Rolls
7” Sausage Roll

Premium Bites
Cheese & Bacon
Sausage & Onion
Apple & Sultana